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The Role of Corporate Culture in Small Business

Corporate Culture in Small Business

Every small business, even those with only a handful of employees, can benefit from cultivating a corporate culture that keeps people engaged and productive while improving business performance. Maintaining a positive, vibrant working climate can help small businesses to weather economic downturns, staffing and technology changes, and shifts in the marketplace.


Internal Audit Evolution: More Women Leaders, More Technology

Internal Audit Evolution: More Women Leaders, More Technology

The 12th edition of Internal Auditing Around the World from Protiviti brings to light two significant trends in the internal audit profession. First, more women are leading internal audit functions. Second, internal audit teams are expanding their use of technology so they can perform their work more efficiently and add value to the business. See this post for more insights from Protiviti's latest installment in its annual series.


3 Ways to Reduce Inappropriate Expense Report Requests

Reducing Inappropriate Expense Report Requests

You would think in the digital age, where company policies are more shareable and accessible than ever before, employees would know what types of expense report requests are acceptable — and not. However, findings from a recent Robert Half Management Resources survey suggest many workers may need some help understanding the difference. In a recent article, Tim Hird, executive director for Robert Half Management Resources, presented three strategies that can help managers reduce off-base expense report requests.


More Responsibility, Less Sweat: How New Managers Can Find Balance

How New Managers Can Find Balance

You’ve worked hard to be promoted to a leadership position. You want to get off on the right foot with your staff — and show your boss that she made the right decision in choosing you for the job. But now that you are a bona fide new manager, you are also realizing just how much responsibility you’ve agreed to take on. You may wonder: “How am I going to do all of this?” See this post for tips on balancing your own job duties while managing others.


Internal Auditors Need Outstanding Soft Skills — Here’s Why

Internal Auditors Need Outstanding Soft Skills

Internal auditors take pride in their technical expertise. Their organizations count on them to know exactly how to help the business meet compliance demands and manage risks. However, many internal auditors today find that to do their jobs effectively, they need to bring even more to the table: soft skills.




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