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Internal Auditors Need Outstanding Soft Skills — Here’s Why

Internal Auditors Need Outstanding Soft Skills

Internal auditors take pride in their technical expertise. Their organizations count on them to know exactly how to help the business meet compliance demands and manage risks. However, many internal auditors today find that to do their jobs effectively, they need to bring even more to the table: soft skills.


6 Ways to Guide Your Team Through Change

Guiding Your Team Through Change

Communication is a critical element in successful change management. The six communication tactics outlined in a recent article by Robert Half Management Resources executive director Tim Hird can go a long way toward helping employees to understand and adapt to a major change event.


Work-Life Integration for Finance Pros: It’s About Synergy and Control

Work-Life Integration for Finance Pros

Leading executives know that work-life balance is an important retention tool. Many have spent years developing policies and programs — often shaped by direct employee input — designed to help their workers more adeptly juggle the demands of their jobs and their personal lives. Now, just when they thought they had a handle on what their staff want and need, they find they must pivot because a new concept is gaining traction in the business world: work-life integration.


Regulatory Compliance Jobs: Trends to Watch

Regulatory Compliance Jobs

Professionals with risk and compliance backgrounds are seeing steady demand for their expertise, especially in industries like financial services and healthcare, according to the 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide for the accounting and finance profession. And new research suggests that hiring for regulatory compliance jobs could become even hotter in the near term.


Job Rotation for Your Staff: Why Letting Go Could Mean Holding On

The Benefits of Job Rotation for Your Staff

Assembling an all-star team for your finance function takes a lot of time and effort. So, when you finally have a deep bench of skilled and experienced employees who work together effectively, the last thing you want to do is to deploy your staff to other parts of the organization, right? Well, you actually might want to change your mindset, because job rotation can benefit your employees and the business.




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