The Inside Track: 5 Things That Might Surprise You About Working With Financial Consultants

In previous posts we have discussed the value of working with consultants, whether it be to assist with an important project or fill a senior-level position on an interim basis. But there are some added benefits financial consultants bring to accounting and finance departments.

Here are five:

1. They make a difference.

Consultants thrive on making an impact. The world of consulting allows them to touch many different companies.

2. They love variety.

They may be at a small private firm one week and a publicly traded company the next, but it does not bother accounting and finance project professionals. They enjoy the flexibility and challenge each new project offers. And the more projects they have on their resume, the broader the experience and insights they will bring to your company.

3. They earn your trust fast.

Building rapport quickly is a skill many consultants have honed over the years. They influence key stakeholders on a project quickly and understand how important it is for those team members to trust them from day one.

4. They are only focused on the job at hand.

Most project professionals choose consulting as a career because they want to focus on pressing issues and the work involved. They have no interest in office politics. They simply want to help you solve your company’s problems.

5. They’re part of a cost-effective strategy.

If you only need a specific type of expertise for a finite period of time, project professionals are a sound option. Their goal is to hit the ground running from day one, identify the issue, fix it and move on to their next assignment.

For those of you who have worked with financial consultants, what other benefits would you add?

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Photo credit: Onofre_Bouvila, via Wikimedia Commons

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