On Cloud 9 – Five Leadership Blogs to Watch

On Cloud 9 – Five Leadership Blogs to Watch

With hundreds of different management professionals blogging regularly about their individual areas of expertise, there’s no shortage of free online leadership advice to help you in your own financial career. 

Here are five leadership blogs that we enjoy reading from the 2013 list of the Most Socially Shared Leadership Blogs, curated by the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness. You might want to bookmark them, too!

1. Leadership Freak 
A quick-read leadership blog you can tackle in between meetings. Dan Rockwell shares short, palatable posts that are committed to “empowering leaders 300 words at a time.”

2. The Mojo Company 
Matt Monge, the blog creator, is a cancer survivor with a mission: He “wants to help the world be a better place by helping organizations be better places to work.” Frankly, any leadership blog that quotes Phil Dunphy is sure to be win-win in in our book. Enjoy the video.

3. The Office Blend 
After a few laughs from Mr. Monge we migrate to a more serious toned leadership blog. Dr. Marla Gottschalk’s goal is to blend psychology and business to help organizations move forward and develop better workplace effectiveness. 

4. The Leadership Advisor 
Culture and engagement expert William Powell writes about how companies can be more human-centric, which leads to business success and increased profitability.

5. SmartBlog on Leadership 
Part of the SmartBrief news site, this blog’s panel of contributors shares interviews and insights on management strategy, communication, creativity and innovation.

And we will leave you with this for a well deserved, comic relief Friday.