Life as a Financial Consultant: 3 Reasons to Love Every Day

Financial consulting is a popular career option for many senior-level practitioners. Companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors call on specialized, versatile and proactive project professionals to join their teams and shake up their strategies, for both shorter periods and longer stretches of time.

If you’re an experienced finance or accounting professional looking for a change of pace, shifting to a consulting career could prove rewarding. The diversity, flexibility and autonomy that go with the territory could bring welcome challenges and fulfillment.

Here are three reasons you might love life as a financial consultant.

1. Something different every day

Diversity lies at the core of a consulting career. Whether you’re hired on an interim or project basis, or to cover a spike in activity, you can rest assured you won’t be bored. Experienced financial consultants often juggle a variety of tasks and goals, and a career in consulting will offer fertile ground to refine your specialty, flex existing skills and build new ones.

Depending on your area of expertise, you could find yourself analyzing company performance, implementing business systems and handling integration, or lending your eye to budgeting, reporting and forecasting.

2. A big boost to your network and soft skills

Networking opportunities abound for financial consultants. A typical day on the job could involve interacting with people from other departments, companies and industries. This exposure can sow the seeds for your next move.

Moreover, the interaction and adaptability required of a financial consultant can invigorate professionals' soft skills, social media savvy and public speaking abilities. These skills, when combined with your financial and accounting prowess, will help propel your career forward.

3. Work-life balance

Like other types of interim or project-based work, financial consulting offers considerable flexibility in terms of working hours and engagement duration. It can also provide a bridge to retirement for senior-level finance practitioners and be a good choice for professionals seeking work that will fit around other commitments.

Joining forces with a reputable staffing agency can help you find the best fit based on your schedule and availability.

Learn more about working as a financial consultant and the types of opportunities available.

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