Leadership Library: Your Life Story Holds the Key to Your True Potential

Authors Bill George and Peter Sims define the topic of their book True North as “the internal compass that guides you successfully through life…it’s your fixed point in a spinning world that helps you stay on track as a leader. Your true north is based on your most cherished values, passions and motivations.”

This book is a timeless text from the school of ethics. Through extensive, in-person interviews with a diverse group of 125 respected business leaders, George and Sims show how and why leadership which is grounded in authenticity and integrity is so effective.

The men and women they interviewed represent a wide range of ages, roles and industries – from finance to cosmetics, from retail to non-profit.

The authors learned that these people shared few, if any, universal skills or traits related to how one becomes a good leader.

Their reasons for finding success as leaders has more to do with their personal life stories. Almost all of them defined some kind of transformative turning point early on in their lives – a personal struggle, difficult circumstances, or a professional setback – which helped to reveal the deeper belief systems that beget great leadership.

In True North you’ll learn how to develop “your best self” by studying five areas of authentic leadership: your purpose, your values, your relationships, your self-discipline and your heart. The authors provide comprehensive and practical exercises to help you dig a little deeper into these realms of your life to learn what really defines and informs your leadership style, as well as what truly motivates both you and your team to succeed.

The book doesn’t just tell you how to get ahead. By reading the interviews, immersing yourself in their experiences and spending some time on self-reflection, you’ll surely be inspired to find more cohesive connections between your life story and your leadership style. From there, you’ll be on your own path to true north.

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