Leadership, a New Comic and Business Analyst Interviews: Most Popular Posts

Finding time to stay current about finance topics or your own professional development can be difficult so we’re lending a hand by sharing five of our most popular blog posts in July, in no particular order.

Read on for insights into reaching your potential on the job, interviewing for a business analyst position, the benefits of financial consulting and more.

1. Leadership Library: Your Life Story Holds the Key to Your True Potential

In this overview of Peter Sims’ book True North you’ll learn how to tap your “best self,” by studying five areas of authentic leadership : your purpose, your values, your relationships, your self-discipline and your heart.

2. Office Humor: Does Someone in Your Office Communicate Like This?  

Don’t worry. Not all of your summer reading has to be serious. One of our most popular posts this month was a comic by artist  Randy Glasbergen (pictured above).  Check it out if you missed it and look for more comics by Glasbergen to appear soon.

3. Life as a Financial Consultant: 3 Reasons to Love Every Day

If you’re a mid- to senior-level finance professional you might be at a point in your career where you’re ready for something new. We explore how becoming a project consultant can give you new challenges, more daily variety and job flexibility.

4. PMP Certification: The Key to Unlocking Opportunities? 

If you consider yourself an experienced project manager, you might consider applying for a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Earning this certification can put you in a higher salary bracket and help you stand out as you’re competing for jobs.

5.  8 Common Business Analyst Interview Questions

Get some behind-the-scenes insight into what types of answers hiring managers might be looking for when they ask questions such as “How have you handled difficult stakeholders?” or “Can you define the diagrams most used by  business analysts ?”

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Photo courtesy of Randy Glasbergen