Issue 3. Business Brief – Communicating Praise and the Pizza Delivery Tip at the Oscars

Now that Hollywood’s award season is over, and all the glitz, glamour and gowns are gone, what are we left with? This recent New York Times article says it best – what remains is art. In spite of award season sometimes feeling like a flashy popularity contest, at the root of it all is a lot of stellar work with a modicum of self-sacrifice that’s intended to inspire and motivate people for a long time to come. 

The article goes on to discuss how amazing movies are made every year with skilled, dedicated and creative teams behind the scenes, working together to perfect their project and bring it to fruition. Incredibly moving performances are given by actors in front of the camera which drive the masses to buy tickets to experience these movies personally. Yet only a handful of people, onstage and offstage, get their names printed inside those secretly-sealed envelopes once a year.

Executives and finance professionals can glean important leadership advice from this story. There is so much work that goes into a company’s success, as commemorated by remarkable year-end figures along with annual bonuses and performance reviews…and probably a handful of long thank-you speeches, too. Underneath the annual celebration is a tremendous amount of tireless effort from people who deserve reassurance that what they’re doing has value, day after day, all year long.

Everyone deserves an Oscar now and then, right? Here are some articles to get you thinking about just that:

  • Margie Warrell from shares ten leadership lessons from top female executives at organizations like NASA, American Express, and Nike.

We hope you had a chance to catch some of the TV fun during award season, not the least of which were all the memorable moments from the Oscars, thanks to Ellen’s fabulous sense of humor, as well as her personal mission to regularly recognize and reward everyday people. Here’s the footage of her tipping the hardworking pizza guy she surprised during the live Oscars telecast:

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