Issue 2. Business Brief—Recap of Accounting, Finance Trends & Leadership Advice

There’s something about watching Olympic champions compete that makes you reflect upon your own ability to visualize success, don’t you think? These athletes had a firm grasp on their dream of getting to the Olympics, they invested significant time in honing their physical skills, and they mentally prepared themselves for a demanding feat of strength and endurance. 

If watching the Winter Games has prompted you to contemplate your own success story, perhaps this recap of recent accounting news, finance trends and leadership advice will provide a little extra inspiration so you can seize that gold.

  • With spirit, courage and the synchronicity of 17 years together, American figure skaters Davis and White were victorious on the ice. shares a list of courageous leadership traits – are you giving your team the confidence they need to accomplish their goals.
  • This year’s top two female bobsled pilots pushed each other, as both competitors and friends, and they made Olympic history together. This special series from Bloomberg Businessweek highlights a handful of small businesses, their inventions and follows them on their path to stardom.
  • Christy Wyatt, CEO of Good Technology is interviewed in a recent post from The New York Times about her management style. She is driven and highly-focused on the details of what needs to get done, but she also makes sure to stay in touch with the needs of the team.
  • Leadership coach Tony Schwartz shares his thoughts on about how executives should prioritize time in the “white space” before moving through the complex course of each day at increasingly blinding speeds - good judgment comes from quiet reflection.
  • The U.S. Ski Team certainly navigated their share of hurdles, but Ted Ligety stayed in control and brought home the gold. Project management experts from discuss the best ways to set, manage and adjust expectations to ensure that IT projects don't veer off course – it’s good advice for every department to get those initiatives to the finish line.

Everyone experiences failure and sometimes even defeat, but real champions quickly get back on course and improve their skills after each setback. Enjoy this slideshow of champions from, Visions of Sochi – and have fun watching the Olympic Games Closing Ceremony this Sunday!

Photo Source:  Flickr. U.S. Army photo by Tim Hipps, IMCOM Public Affairs