Issue 1. Business Brief: A Biweekly Recap of Management News

Welcome to Business Brief!

Every other Friday, we’ll share a quick recap of management news and recent financial and business systems articles. You might pick up a good icebreaker topic for your next meeting, gain some useful executive guidance, or just enjoy a little food for thought.

  • Glenn Llopis shares his view on about the unique character qualities and leadership abilities that women bring to the workplace.
  • Journalists discuss rising CEO salaries at major tech firms in Silicon Valley in this Bloomberg TV video clip.
  • Stephen Green, former British trade minister and former chairman of global banking group HSBC, is interviewed by the New York Times about effective leadership principles and common management mistakes.
  • Some CEOs find working without a desk to be quite liberating! Read more from The Wall Street Journal.
  • Check out this post on that outlines three career-ending mistakes executives make.

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