Innovation and Change Management Go Hand in Hand

We all know how important innovation is in business. Whether you’re managing a project or managing a company, innovation drives success — and it also drives change.


As a consultant, you may be expected to generate and implement innovative ideas for your client. Once you’ve sold them on your creative solution to their problem, how will you know if they are prepared to manage the change that comes along with it? Here are a few key indicators that a company is fostering a culture for effective change management:


Companies who provide excellent customer service and who regularly engage with customers and take their needs seriously are likely to be very comfortable with updating policies and adapting processes to enhance their customers’ experience.

Happy, empowered employees

When the energy and passion in the room is palpable, you can bet everyone is included in management decisions and each person is encouraged to shine. They handle change easily because they live for it; they understand why the “status quo” is not sustainable.

Collaboration and communication

If interdepartmental meetings are on a regular schedule, if referring to an SOP is routine, and if new hires ramp up quickly, then the company’s management is probably highly aware of how interconnected everyone is, and why it’s critical for everyone to be operating in concert with each other.


Companies that set realistic goals and then continuously monitor their efforts to ensure they are properly impacting their goals will be able to see innovation as a basic program of goals and steps toward achieving them.

If you discover that change is challenging for your client, consider incorporating some change management principles into your implementation plan so your innovative spark doesn’t get snuffed out by stagnation.