How to Work With Staffing Firms to Find Skilled Financial Consultants

Hiring a knowledgeable financial consultant for an interim engagement is often harder than it may seem. Organizations, regardless of their size, may not have the resources to devote to finding highly skilled project professionals. Day-to-day staff management responsibilities and other competing priorities often prevent hiring decision makers from being able to focus on the hiring process.

But managers don't need to go it alone when it comes to recruiting high-level consultants. Financial staffing and consulting firms that specialize in placing senior project professionals at companies that require their skills can make the process easier and more effective. This type of expert assistance is especially important today as companies struggle to find specialized professionals.

The following tips can help your organization take full advantage of working with a reputable financial staffing firm to engage consultants:

Find the right firm

By working exclusively with a firm that focuses on placing senior-level accounting and finance consultants, you'll be enlisting the help of experts who work closely with both employers and professionals in your industry. These firms have access to individuals with relevant skills and experience, and their recruiters are well-versed at matching financial consultants with projects. 

Have a conversation

Maximizing the benefits of working with a staffing firm to hire financial consultants also requires strong communication between you and the firm’s staffing specialists. Clearly articulating your needs early on will give the agency a better idea of how to craft accurate job descriptions, as well as determine which professionals in their networks to target. Seemingly minor decisions about the language of job descriptions can have a major impact on the kind of specialists a posting attracts.

Maintaining an ongoing dialogue will produce better results for your search. But don't limit that conversation exclusively to emails and phone calls. Invite staffing executives to the office so they can get a firsthand impression of your work environment. Don't pass up an opportunity to help recruiters better understand your needs. 

Trust them

The whole point of hiring a staffing firm is to rely on the recruitment expertise and network of a specialized agency that knows your industry backward and forward. Staffing firm representatives have made a career out of keeping up with hiring and compensation trends, and they know what skills are in demand. They also know where to find the consultants who have them. After offering your initial input, don't be afraid to take a step back and let them contribute their own suggestions.

Most businesses decide to work with staffing firms so they can engage high-level project professionals without having to take time away from staff management and other business demands. Allowing a reputable firm to take the wheel when appropriate lets you place the task of hiring consultants in the hands of experts, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of running your organization.

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