How Financial Executives Can Encourage Their Teams to Love Their Jobs

Encourage Teams to Love Their Jobs

The Beatles' timeless lyric “Money can’t buy me love” holds true not only for romantic relationships, but professional ones as well. Although accounting and finance jobs often offer attractive salaries, it takes more than money for employees to truly love their work.

Financial executives struggling with team motivation and morale need to look beyond paychecks and find new, creative ways to reinvigorate their staff. Here are tips to help financial executives ignite employees’ passion for their jobs.

Get to know their career goals — and help make them happen.

Managers need to regularly talk with their employees individually about their career path at the company: More than half the workers in a Robert Half survey said knowing their potential career path was very important to their job satisfaction.

To support staff members’ career growth, consider these possibilities:

Not only will these steps strengthen your team, but they’ll also demonstrate you’re invested in your employees’ success. This will only boost morale and foster company loyalty.

Shake things up.

Boredom is passion’s greatest enemy, so it’s good to change things from time to time. This could be as simple as moving the location of the weekly staff meeting. If you want to take it a step further, consider having a few staff members switch roles, particularly if they’ve expressed interest in other types of accounting and finance jobs.

You can also find out what other skills or hobbies your workers have and come up with ways to use them. For example, if your bookkeeper is an avid shutterbug, ask her to bring her camera equipment to the next company party, and then feature her photos on the company website or Facebook page.

Offer incentives beyond the bonus.

Obviously, bonuses are universally beloved. However, they’re not the only thing that inspires accounting and finance professionals.

Subsidized training and education is another appealing perk that fosters a love of the job. Offering flexible work hours or the option to telecommute help employees achieve better work-life balance. Subsidized gym memberships and healthy snack and lunch options also go a long way toward helping your team feel better about themselves and, in turn, their jobs.

Competitive salaries and bonuses are important factors when it comes to job satisfaction, but it takes more than money for your employees to fall and stay in love with working at your company.

How do you help your team find passion in their accounting and finance jobs? Share your thoughts with other financial executives in the comments below.