From Best Beaches to Budget Travel: 6 Vacation Planning Resources

Taking time off from work, whether for a day, a week or longer, has plenty of well-known benefits. Although this may be difficult for executives involved in critical financial and compliance issues, it reduces stress, improves accuracy and creativity, boosts your energy and renews your focus and motivation.

But according to a survey by Robert Half, nearly 40 percent of office workers still put off using their days off and not for the reasons you might think. It's not because trips are too expensive, or too complicated to plan, or even that they don’t really enjoy traveling. They said that they’re saving days “just in case” or they’re worried about their work not getting done while they’re away.

However nobody wins if your work, your family or your mental health starts to suffer because you’re burned out. This article from Fast Company highlights several benefits of using your vacation time, including how traveling exposes you to new perspectives and how solving problems is easier when you’re inspired and rested.

So if all this persuades you to finally use some of that time off, here’s a list of vacation planning resources to help you decide what to do and where to go:

  • Best Places to TravelTravel+Leisure magazine lists the hottest destinations with notable reasons to visit them. How about fresh lobster in Nicaragua, wine-tasting in Uruguay or a safari in Zimbabwe?
  • Best Budget Vacations for SummerBudget Travel magazine gives its Top 10 picks for affordable and easy-to-plan vacations right here in the U.S. Have you been to Myrtle Beach, S.C., or Mackinac Island in Michigan?
  • Best All-Inclusive Resorts – The Travel Channel put together some “check it off your bucket list” luxury resorts that are sure to please and pamper you and your whole family.
  • 50 Incredible Travel DestinationsThe Huffington Post has an impressive mega-list of global locales that deserve a look, from Dubrovnik, Croatia, for Game of Thrones fans, to the reclusive country of Bhutan, whose residents measure success in the right terms: Gross National Happiness.
  • World’s Best Beaches – If Australia or Brazil are too far away, Trip Advisor shares its Top 10 list of best U.S. beaches which are, not surprisingly, mostly in Hawaii. But Florida makes a showing!

If you’re still nervous about taking enough time off, U.S. News & World Report has a list of weekend getaways to consider. Readers also can vote on whether the locations deserve to be there, so you have the added benefit of instant peer reviews.

Breathe, relax and rejuvenate. Your colleagues and your psyche will thank you for it.

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