Employee Retention, Meeting Distractions and Public Speaking: Popular Blog Posts

We know busy accounting and finance managers might not always have time to keep up with their professional reading lists so each month we recap some of the most popular articles on the Robert Half Management Resources blog.

Here are some of our most clicked upon posts from August, in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Don’t Let the Good Ones Get Away: 5 Steps Every Manager Should Take to Retain Star Employees

With unemployment rates low for many key accounting and finance positions and a shortage of skilled candidates, especially for senior level jobs, it’s more important than ever to review your company's retention program. Because if you don’t, your star employees could be wooed away.

2. Merger Mania: How to Keep Employees on Track When Companies Combine

Speaking of retention, a merger or even rumors of one can push employees to start dusting off their resumes. Here are our tips for keeping your staff on track and motivated during stressful transition times.

3. The Conference Call Conundrum: 10 Steps for Keeping People Engaged

With more people than ever using smartphones to work from just about anywhere at anytime, there are even more opportunities to get distracted during a conference call. Here are some tips for how to conduct a better meeting – including not even having one.

4. How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

If you want to progress in your career, say leadership experts, there’s one soft skill that’s extra important to master: You have to overcome your fear of public speaking because anyone in a management role has to be comfortable giving a report to a board or a talk at a networking event. Read on to find out how!

5. Office Humor: The Doughnut Leadership Principle

It’s good to laugh at work. Really. So check out our latest Randy Glasbergen comic strip. Each month it's proving to be a reader favorite.

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