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6 Keys to Workplace Happiness for Finance Workers

Research for a new Robert Half report finds that accounting and finance workers have low levels of workplace happiness, compared to other professions included in the study. But if you work in the field, that doesn't mean you're doomed to be unhappy on the job. Try applying one or more of these strategies to boost your job satisfaction.


Before You Go: How to Retain the Legacy Knowledge of Financial Consultants

How to Retain the Legacy Knowledge of Financial Consultants

A financial consultant's impact on your organization can last well beyond the duration of a specific assignment. To promote knowledge-sharing between your team and this expert resource, and to help ensure the consulting engagement is a rewarding experience for everyone involved, consider applying these strategies.



How to Create a Successful Leadership Development Program

How to Create a Leadership Development Program

Companies need leaders in all areas of the organization — and especially in the accounting and finance function. Yet many businesses overlook the importance of implementing formal leadership development programs to offer their employees a clear pathway to management roles. If you think your organization would benefit from creating a leadership development program, see this post for tips on getting started.


How to Help Remote Employees Feel Like They’re Part of the Team

How to Help Remote Employees Feel Like They're Part of the Team

Remote working is now commonplace in many organizations thanks to technology advancements and changing attitudes about where and how work can be done. However, there is a potential downside to this staffing strategy that managers should be mindful of: remote employees can sometimes feel isolated from their in-office colleagues. See this post for ideas on how to help your remote workers feel more connected to the business and to their co-workers.


No More Disconnection: How to Improve Communication With Your Staff

How to Improve Communication With Your Staff

The repercussions of poor communication between managers and employees can manifest in many ways — from retention issues to lack of innovation. See this post for strategies managers can use to assess and improve their communication skills, and forge positive and productive work relationships with all their team members.




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