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More Finance Functions Are Embracing Cloud Technology: Here’s Why

More Finance Functions Are Embracing Cloud Technology: Here's Why

The cloud is becoming harder for finance leaders to ignore. Even if you’re unsure whether cloud-based technologies are right for your organization, exploring the option to determine what benefits your business might realize from making the transition is still worthwhile. This post explains why.


The Key to Managing a Multigenerational Team: Don’t Overthink It

Managing a Multigenerational Team

Employers with a generationally diverse workforce benefit from having access to employees with a broad set of skills and experience. However, managing a multigenerational team can be challenging — especially because professionals in each age demographic have their own work styles and approaches. See this post for tips on how to foster a harmonious and productive work environment for every person on your staff.


Summer Vacation: The Strategic Value of Really Getting Away

Vacations and CFOs

Unplugging completely from work, even for a short time, can be difficult for busy accounting and finance professionals. However, it's important for your well-being, and your career, to take time off to recharge. See this post for some advice on how to make sure your well-deserved vacation doesn't turn into a "workation."


Tips to Get the Most Out of Reference Checks

Tips to Get the Most Out of Reference Checks

A polished interviewee does not guarantee a great hire. To be doubly sure of a candidate’s abilities before making a job offer, it helps to find out more about that person from other sources. See this post to learn about several best practices for reference checking that can help improve this important aspect of your hiring process.




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