Monthly Jobs Report: Los Angeles Unemployment Rate Drops

According to the most recent monthly jobs report, the seasonally adjusted Los Angeles unemployment rate for May was 4.9 percent, down 2.1 percentage points from this time last year. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, 4,900 Los Angeles jobs were added in May.

For the state of California, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for May was 5.2 percent, down 1.2 percentage points from May 2015. Throughout the month, the state added 15,200 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis.

What does this data mean for hiring managers looking to staff Los Angeles jobs?

Robert Half Senior District President Brett Good notes, “Competition for talent within many disciplines is still quite high. Meaning, candidate searches can take hiring managers considerably longer than they expect these days. To succeed, firms need to maximize their time, resources, and make swift decisions in the current market.” Good suggests that managers recruiting for Los Angeles openings not only evaluate their general hiring strategies, but also audit their interview processes to make them more efficient and effective. “Small changes in interviews — like including employees who will work directly with prospective hires and formulating a list of questions designed to bring out different aspects of candidates’ personalities and experience —can help you gauge how individuals will handle the position, and whether they’ll work well with the rest of your team.  The more a firm prolongs the hiring process, the higher the probability the candidate will take another opportunity,” he says.

Good also underscores the importance of examining the benefits offered to candidates during the hiring process. “Many job seekers, especially those with in-demand skills, are looking beyond the paycheck.”  Companies can stand out in a crowded market by offering alternative benefits, such as employee rewards programs and additional vacation days. “Corporate culture can also be a huge selling point,” Good notes. “If you have a casual dress code or flexible hours, advertise those, and they might tip the scales in your favor.”

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