Monthly Jobs Report: Los Angeles Unemployment Holds Firm

According to the most recent monthly jobs report, the seasonally adjusted Los Angeles unemployment rate in December was 5.9 percent, unchanged from the month before. This is significantly lower than the 8.0 percent rate reported 12 months prior. In December, 26,300 Los Angeles jobs were added on a non-seasonally adjusted basis.

Unemployment across the state of California rose slightly in December to a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.8 percent. The monthly jobs report showed that 60,400 jobs were added statewide in December, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

How do these numbers impact employers who need to staff Los Angeles jobs?

“We’re seeing growth in the Los Angeles jobs market, especially in the finance and business sectors,” says Brett Good, senior district president with Robert Half. “The decline in the Los Angeles unemployment rate coupled with the number of open positions means the challenge of finding skilled professionals in the area is alive and well.”

Good says that in the current market, smaller organizations may feel like they’re unable to compete because larger companies are able to offer higher salaries. “But that’s just not the case,” Good says. “Regardless of the size of your organization, there are non-monetary factors you can emphasize to attract talent, such as flextime, gym memberships, wellness programs, extra vacation days and an appealing corporate culture. The important thing is knowing which incentives workers want.”

Good also points out that employers need to understand the candidates who are applying for jobs right now — Generation Z, in particular. “This new cohort of workers has a lot to bring to the table,” Good says. “But if you want the most talented individuals from this generation to sit down with you, you need to know what makes Gen Z tick.”

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