Why Temporary Legal Jobs Are a Popular Career Option

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Whether you're a seasoned attorney or a recent law school graduate, temporary legal jobs provide a way for you to stay active in the employment market while you search for a full-time opportunity. Not only will you earn income, but you can also build or refine in-demand skills, make valuable professional contacts and potentially gain inroads to a more permanent position.

Temporary legal jobs also enable legal professionals to explore different industries and practice areas. The latter can be particularly important to an associate's long-term success in the field of law as more employers – both in traditional firms and corporate legal departments – seek to hire specialists for their teams. Some legal professionals choose to work in temporary legal jobs specifically because they want a flexible schedule and better work-life balance.

Temporary legal jobs can provide perks
If you're looking for work, or simply want to make a change, temporary legal jobs are worth exploring. Here are a few things you may not know about these positions:

  • You can earn benefits. When you work with a leading staffing firm for the legal industry, you will likely have access to benefits similar to what you might enjoy in a full-time job, such as health insurance, holiday and bonus pay, and retirement savings plans.
  • You can access free training resources. Employers rely on legal recruiters to help them find the most qualified talent. For that reason, leading staffing firms are committed to helping candidates keep their skills up-to-date for as long as they choose to work in temporary legal jobs. Robert Half Legal, as an example, offers free skills enhancement training, including 8,000 online courses relevant to paralegal training and lawyer training.
  • You have options. Two common misperceptions about working in temporary legal jobs are that you won't be able to select your assignments or have control over your work schedule. However, a reputable staffing firm should be able to provide a variety of work choices that meet your needs, including short-term or long-term projects; summer and holiday work; full-time, evening or part-time employment; and temporary-to-full-time opportunities. Skilled recruiters also will take great care to find temporary legal jobs that are a good match for your specific abilities, career interests and schedule preferences.

Law is a complex and diverse field that is constantly evolving. You may decide to pursue temporary legal jobs because you want to explore a different path in the legal field, ramp up or wind down your legal career at your own pace, or simply "take a breather" from full-time employment. Whatever the reason you find yourself in need of temporary legal jobs, these types of positions can be a positive and productive way to bridge gaps in full-time employment or pivot to a new direction in your legal career.

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