Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry faces new and developing challenges as a result of healthcare reform, increased fraud regulations, Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation and management, and HIPAA compliance. Healthcare organizations must address these challenges while effectively meeting customer and patient needs and achieving financial objectives.

Facing healthcare challenges

The complex regulatory environment that governs our health care system also results in challenges related to the FDA, Hatch-Waxman Act, Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, COBRA and claims of conspiracy, antitrust violations, false or deceptive trade practices, federal or state false claims act violations, workers compensation and other state law violations, and litigation or regulatory enforcement action by federal and state agencies.

Our approach to healthcare

Robert Half Legal helps you navigate the risks of the changing healthcare landscape so you can focus on providing the best services to your providers and consumers with a new set of expectations.

Robert Half Legal is a premier provider of legal consulting and staffing services. We provide healthcare solutions to a variety of healthcare providers and payers, including large multi-hospital health systems, community hospitals, post-acute delivery systems, physician-owned hospital management companies, managed service organizations, Medicare Advantage plans and other private healthcare insurance payers.

Robert Half Legal’s healthcare solutions

Robert Half Legal offers a variety of services within the healthcare realm, including:

  • Navigation of healthcare reform requirements
  • Fraud risk management, financial investigations, FCPA Audit and Advisory, and eDiscovery
  • Strategy and management for IT governance
  • Managing reimbursement risks and improving technology, privacy, compliance, finance and revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reimbursement
  • Revenue cycle and CDM/charge capture
  • Finance transformation
  • Cost reduction and supply chain
  • Capital projects and construction
  • Internal audit
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security and privacy
  • Technology
  • Electronic health record (EHR) implementation risk management
  • Internal audit co-sourcing
  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Revenue risk management
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • HIPAA compliance

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