What makes us different than other eDiscovery companies

Unlike other eDiscovery companies, Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services is uniquely qualified to provide you with specialized capabilities wherever and whenever you need them, anywhere in the world. From detailed computer forensics to team-focused project management and eDiscovery consulting, we offer an unmatched level of response and expertise unmatched in the marketplace. We have dedicated eDiscovery experts who are fluent in a multitude of languages and know how to facilitate services that are compatible with an English language-centered investigation. We also can work with counsel to address privacy issues overseas, in harmony with multinational legal cultures and privacy laws, helping you effectively manage domestic and international legal matters.

Our Capabilities
  • Computer Forensics
  • Industry Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Systems Flexibility

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Computer Forensics

ESI often provides the most important evidence in a legal matter; therefore, lost and/or missing information can prove damaging. The challenge of identifying and capturing all relevant ESI without alteration is top of mind for both in-house and outside counsel. These parties are concerned with deletion of critical files or alteration of data by employees who may be looking to cover their tracks. In addition, there are honest mistakes made by IT departments, which, if not identified and remedied, can cause issues in a legal proceeding.

As a leader among eDiscovery companies, Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services has the ability to recover hidden, deleted or fragmented files. Our professionals provide you with the necessary chain-of-custody documentation for achieving an effective understanding of ESI handling, and can testify about the process. Our forensics teams understand how to acquire mass volumes of data from different sources in compliance with investigatory, regulatory and procedural requirements. Our specialized computer forensic capabilities are unique among eDiscovery companies, and can provide you with confidence throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle.

Industry Expertise

Working with an eDiscovery company that understands the business and legal context of a litigation matter accelerates the eDiscovery process and yields insights that might otherwise be missed.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services has experienced professionals from a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, energy, hospitality, government and professional services. Our subject-matter experts apply decades of practical knowledge to the critical legal, technical and financial issues of your organization throughout the various phases of your eDiscovery matter.

Project Management

Large eDiscovery engagements can consume an organization's financial and human resources. When matters span multiple locations, time zones, languages or a broad variety of data sources, effective project management can be the linchpin to both timely results and cost management.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services' certified project managers bring deep experience in handling both eDiscovery and other types of litigation project management. Our professionals are well equipped to take on unforeseen challenges and assume various case and review requirements. Using industry-proven processes and procedures, our professionals can drive success in partnership with your internal team, third-party providers and/or our own subject-matter experts and capabilities. This flexibility, along with our project space capabilities, allows for a customized project management solution that accelerates the production and review of ESI, which helps you manage costs.

Risk Management

Many eDiscovery companies are recognizing that while eDiscovery is an event-driven process, the event itself is not completely unpredictable. Proactively defining eDiscovery processes can lower costs, reduce response time and lead to better risk management. This can be achieved through better storage and organization of information, allowing you to access the most relevant or responsive information more efficiently.

The Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services team works with you and your outside counsel to establish a more proactive eDiscovery program. We implement improvements in business processes that enhance and protect your enterprise value. Our professionals have experience implementing and configuring eDiscovery technology, content management systems and records retention programs. This expertise is applied to the unique needs of your organization. The result is predictability in the cost and time required to respond to eDiscovery demands.

Systems Flexibility

Unlike other eDiscovery companies, we offer access to a variety of technical and analytical systems to handle every type and scale of eDiscovery matter. We can work within your client systems or our own, and project manage the whole process. No matter the scale of your project, we can provide a customized solution, reducing your total cost and increasing transparency over the life of the project.