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All organizations have limits on the degree of specialization and resources they can dedicate to eDiscovery. In-house legal teams working through the intricacies of a litigation case often face unexpected challenges. In-house IT groups may need to learn how to use a specific kind of data-mining tool or filter. And many organizations want to implement more proactive steps to manage their eDiscovery matters, but lack resources or expertise to make those improvements.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services offers eDiscovery consulting to provide your organization with additional specific expertise. We have more than 2,000 full-time subject-matter consultants and an additional pool of more than 185,000 temporary legal project professionals. Our eDiscovery consulting team can respond to your needs at any point in the eDiscovery life cycle and provide expert testimony on specific legal matters.

Our eDiscovery consulting services also can help you become more proactive in your eDiscovery program. We work with you to implement improvements in business processes that enhance and protect enterprise value. By establishing defensible processes in everyday operations, you can gain confidence in your ability to respond to eDiscovery demands.

Our eDiscovery consulting team can help you evaluate and implement the following:

  • Discovery risk management
  • Litigation readiness and effectiveness
  • eDiscovery readiness and effectiveness
  • eDiscovery technology and process integration
  • In-house, co-sourced and outsourced eDiscovery functions
  • Records retention and disposition

In addition, we provide various customized, cost-effective levels of service for managed review, including:

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