Data Collection, Preservation, Processing and Hosting

Robert Half Legal’s consulting solutions practice provides eDiscovery Services that span from the moment litigation is "reasonably anticipated" to the production of responsive and non-privileged information. We combine these services to create our Day2Review® and Intelligent Preview solutions, but also provide them as point solutions to address any individual element of eDiscovery, including data collection, data processing, and data hosting.

We assist in providing technical and strategic support from initial identification efforts to final review and production. We also provide consulting services to help companies proactively manage eDiscovery through improvements to business processes that enhance enterprise value.

Our Services include:

  • Data Collection and Preservation
  • Preview and Analytics
  • Electronic Data Processing and Production
  • Hosted Review and Data Repository
  • Paper Discovery

Data Collection and Preservation

In the past 15 years, the estimated amount of data associated with the average employee in the United States has multiplied 25 times. This information is housed in a variety of formats and on a range of devices. Data collection and preservation is one of the riskiest areas of eDiscovery. Your challenge is to preserve and collect relevant electronic information quickly and defensibly, while not unduly interrupting your business operations.

We can help you:

  • Defensibly collect data following chain-of-custody procedures
  • Avoid accidental destruction, loss and spoilation
  • Make sure sensitive information is kept secure and confidential
  • Find data faster with a tagging strategy your team can easily follow

Robert Half eDiscovery Services provides a range of data collection and preservation services with simple and predictable pricing. Using industry-proven processes and procedures, we have the flexibility to work on-site, remotely or with auto-targeted collection tools. We are equipped to manage information stored on paper, audio and video - as well as in social media, smartphones, and other new digital spaces.

On-site, we provide full forensic data collection of digital media, including slack space and deleted files. This involves creation of a forensic image for each data source that is an exact (bit-by-bit) replica of the media being collected. Alternatively, we can collect only a subset of the total available data on an email server or a file server. This can be done in lieu of a full forensic image if the specific scope is clearly defined or a technical limitation exists where a full forensic image of the data source is not economical.

We also use remote access data collection methods, typically from the corporate data center, headquarters or central point of access. This approach eliminates the need for a physical visit to each collection site or separate computer, saving you time and money. In some situations, we perform collection using a pre-programmed device that can be implemented by a local custodian. The custodian plugs the device into the relevant data source and follows the prompts to initiate collection. Upon successful completion of the collection, the device, along with the forensic image, is returned by the custodian to Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services.

Our team of professionals uses all of these techniques as appropriate to manage risk and provide you with reliable data collection and preservation services at a predictable cost.

Preview and Analytics

Once ESI is collected and preserved, most organizations proceed immediately to processing the information. On the surface, this appears to be the most expedient path for review. However, experienced legal professionals understand that not every subset of electronic information is equal in value for review. The challenge is how to get the relevant, responsive information into the review process first.

The professionals at Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services are experts at getting the right information to you for review first. During or immediately after the collection and preservation phase, we guide you through a process to identify and prioritize the important data, so you can preview this information sooner. In collaboration with your outside and in-house counsel, we use analytical tools to cull vast amounts of information to make critical data subsets available. As a result, you prioritize time and money spent on processing during the case and bring the correct level of focus at the right time.

Our Intelligent Preview solution allows you to quickly and identify the information set you need in order to streamline the process, saving you time and money.

Electronic Data Processing and Production

Electronic data processing and producing electronic information for review is often perceived as an effort in which greater horsepower yields greater results. With many providers charging by the gigabyte, the focus of efficiency efforts is generally on how a specific technology can churn through all the data and deliver it for review. While some technologies are better than others, the electronic data processing phase often takes longer than expected and delivers poorly prioritized information for the review phase. This results in more effort expended for the review, which drives up costs.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services team places high importance on electronic data processing and production in the life cycle of an eDiscovery matter. We accelerate this process not only by using leading technologies, but also partnering with your in-house and outside counsel to prioritize and reduce the amount of electronic data that is processed. This approach helps you more quickly produce responsive information for review.

We begin electronic data processing by first indexing and filtering the collected data. This includes removing operating system- and program-related files, a process called "de-NISTing" (removal of files maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology). We also filter out unnecessary GIF files from websites, focus email data sets on specific domains and addresses, and remove any additional information that you indicate is not required for review.

We process a smaller, highly relevant set of native files, extracting metadata and text, employing optical character recognition for scanned images, de-duplicating the data set and leveraging keyword search strategies. We export this more narrowly processed information in its native form to your particular review platform. The result of this approach: We handle the electronic data processing, and you get to the review process sooner, with a more targeted set of information for your matter.

Hosted Review and Data Repository

Once data is processed, it must be transitioned to the review phase quickly and safely. This requires controls to manage document review both procedurally and technically, as well as aligning the content to the specific review platform and data repository that will be used.

When you work with Robert Half Legal, we ensure you have the functionality and flexibility you need to keep your costs low while staying defensible. Plus, we help you access documents securely from anywhere. Benefits include:

  • Permission levels and user access controls ensure only the right people see the most sensitive documents.
  • Ironclad security means you'll never have to worry about whether your documents will be there tomorrow.
  • Work when and where you need to! Rely on secure 24-hour access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services understands how to manage this process to achieve efficiency. We customize setup of tags, users and folders according to your review platform. Our IT experts are familiar with a multitude of review tools and technologies that streamline this procedure, and our project managers understand how to institute the right controls so data handling is transparent and efficient. We also provide hosting fees and can offer a data repository that can be leveraged on a per-user basis. The result is an efficient and secure transition to the review process.

Paper Discovery, with Document Imaging and Printing

When you convert paper to digital formats, you open up new possibilities for streamlining document retrieval, reviews and more. Digitizing documents - be it 1 Banker’s box or 1000 - saves physical storage space, prevents loss, centralizes information for accessibility and creates highly manageable, searchable databases from which you can easily retrieve documents.

Work with Robert Half Legal to integrate paper and electronic discovery seamlessly - with more effective document management and eDiscovery services.

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