Internal Investigations

When an organization faces legal or regulatory action, early identification and preservation of evidence is both critical and risky. Risks can arise from either omissions or over-inclusion of potentially relevant and responsive information, and either risk can have material consequences.

Robert Half Legal, a premier provider of legal consulting and staffing services, provides a team of professionals who can assist with internal investigations and support incident response, computer forensics, and eDiscovery matters. Our team uses a proven process and the right technology to respond to critical events, including the proper identification, preservation, and collection of electronic evidence.

Our approach to internal investigations

Robert Half Legal brings multifaceted skills and industry expertise to bear to deliver optimal results. The following are hallmarks of our approach to internal investigations:

  • Timely – Our global team of professionals can quickly define the investigation’s scope, identify sources of evidence, and develop a practical plan for collection so you can react swiftly to internal investigations.
  • Scalable – Our team can develop a flexible plan that leverages our client’s internal capabilities and capacity, and that adjusts to any increase in the investigation’s scope.
  • Tailored – Our solutions fit your infrastructure and bridges any gaps between your legal department and information technology group, and are tailored to meet the needs of virtually any size company, in any industry, anywhere in the world.
  • Transparent – Our process offers visibility into cost and duration of processing, analysis, review and production so you can plan effectively.

Robert Half Legal’s internal investigations solutions

Our internal investigations offerings include:

  • Preservation and Collection: Robert Half Legal provides a range of preservation services with simple and predictable pricing.
  • Preview and Analytics: Robert Half Legal uses analytical tools and techniques to cull the right evidence to support or refute allegations
  • Computer Forensics: Our teams extract large volumes of data from different sources in compliance with investigatory, regulatory, and legal requirements, and recovers hidden, deleted, or fragmented files while providing chain of custody documentation and testimony.

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