Contract Management and Lease Administration

Organizations are under ever increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Streamlined management of a company’s contracting process can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line through time savings, better risk control, improved communication of contract terms and opportunities throughout the organization, and an improved ability to review terms for competitiveness.  Effective lease administration offers these benefits in the specialized area of commercial real estate.

Contract Management and Lease Administration challenges

In today’s fast-moving business environment, organizations are challenged like never before to anticipate and avoid significant business issues and impacts. When written and managed well, contracts can help ensure a company’s future growth. However, lack of clarity on contracting authority, inconsistent or poorly written terms that don’t effectively establish the contracting relationship, legal and regulatory changes, and the absence of an effective contracting process are just a few of the issues that open up today’s companies to risks that can threaten their growth and sustainability.

Our approach to Contract Management and Lease Administration

Robert Half Legal provides a comprehensive solution that includes staffing, process and project management, and the technical tools necessary to capture and organize contract information. Our solution offers timely, accurate management of contracts and leases for major corporations and organizations, including the extraction, analysis, and verification of vital data.

Robert Half Legal is a premier provider of legal consulting and staffing services. We provide expert-level Contract Management and Lease Administration solutions to major companies and organizations around the world. 

Robert Half Legal’s Contract Management and Lease Administration solutions

Robert Half Legal offers a variety of services within the Contract Management and Lease Administration realm, including:

  • Contract language review and analysis
  • Contracting process review and analysis
  • Contract administration
  • Due diligence
  • Cost recovery
  • Lease abstraction
  • Lease audit

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