Saving Money on Legal Document Review With Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services

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Document review is a fundamental aspect of eDiscovery, as well as the most resource-intensive, requiring a significant investment in time, labor and budget to execute. Ever-growing volumes of discoverable electronically stored information (ESI) make it even more imperative for law firms or companies and their legal counsel to find creative and cost-effective ways to make the document review process more efficient. In many cases, this means looking to outside document review specialists for help.

Hiring a provider of document review solutions is an additional expense, but the overall savings your organization can realize by engaging an expert resource can be significant. A leading provider of document review services will make sure that you have access to trained staff, facilities and equipment when, where and for as long as you need them. And the team of experts they will assemble and assign to your legal discovery matter can help you find ways to streamline and expedite the entire document review process. This saves you time, money and the distraction of your legal team from their regular responsibilities.

What to look for in a document review solution provider

Determining whether you need to engage an external provider for document review depends largely on two things: the size of the eDiscovery request and whether your firm has the capacity and capabilities to manage the document review process in-house. In some situations, you may find that you only need to access specific services for document review. At other times, you may require comprehensive support throughout the entire document review process.

Regardless of the size of the request, however, every legal discovery matter is different and presents its own unique challenges. This is why, if you decide to engage an external resource for document review, you should look for a provider that offers managed eDiscovery solutions that can be tailored to your law firm's or company's specific needs during the legal discovery process. Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services is one such provider.

A more streamlined document review process

One solution Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services offers to help increase document review efficiency for any type of legal discovery matter is the Day2Review process, which begins in the preservation and collection phase of document review. Organizations that make the Day2Review solution part of their eDiscovery process can realize cost savings of between 40 and 70 percent in document review spend.

To deliver the Day2Review solution, Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services combines experienced professionals, proven technology tools, and proprietary processes and controls that can be customized. Day2Review can help law firms or companies and their corporate counsel accelerate project timelines so the actual document review stage can begin sooner. (Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services also provides tailored solutions and other services for organizations that prefer to manage the document review process themselves.)

Flexible space and global reach

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services can also provide secure and flexible document review space, which is an essential component for effective eDiscovery. Each of its more than 40 dedicated document review locations throughout North America is scalable for multitiered document reviews. And because Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services has an extensive geographic footprint, it is easier and more cost-effective for organizations to undertake eDiscovery data collection and forensic investigations in any part of the world.

Document review can be expensive and burdensome, but by supplementing your organization's existing legal expertise with external specialists as needed, you can more effectively manage the process and, ultimately, reduce costs. Additionally, by working with document review experts like those provided by Robert Half eDiscovery Services, you will be able to develop processes that not only are defensible but also repeatable.

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