How Staffing Firms Can Help Bridge Talent Gaps in Corporate Law

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It's an understatement to say that things happen fast in the business world, and that includes a sudden need for legal expertise. Yet it's a tall order to expect a company to know in advance what type of corporate law expertise it may need to tap at a moment's notice – intellectual property law, corporate compliance, commercial litigation or some other specialty area. It also would be hard to expect legal counsel to anticipate how every business decision might affect clients, other departments and the company's bottom line.

Assembling a business-savvy in-house legal team that can provide specialized and targeted legal support on demand – and cost-effectively – is a challenge for companies. Simply finding corporate law talent available for hire can be a significant hurdle: More than half (55 percent) of lawyers surveyed by Robert Half Legal said they have difficulty locating skilled legal professionals. Also, certain corporate law expertise may be needed only for a particular case and a select time period. So companies must always be careful not to overhire for corporate law projects.

One way organizations can ensure they have access to the precise corporate law expertise they need, when they need it, is by working with a leading staffing agency focused on placing skilled legal talent. Here are three ways that a reputable legal recruiter can help your company bridge corporate law talent gaps in your in-house legal department and avoid making full-time hires you don't really need:

  • Flexible staffing solutions – When you work with a legal staffing specialist, you not only will gain access to corporate law specialists who you could potentially hire full time but also contract and temporary professionals with similar skill sets. The ability to engage corporate law experts for different durations of time lets you stay on top of both changing client dynamics and varying caseloads without overhiring. (Additionally, this type of flexible staffing approach lets you ease the burden on your existing corporate law team, which can help improve retention of top talent.)
  • Expertise from real industry insiders – Legal recruiters who work for well-established staffing firms have firsthand experience working in the legal industry. This helps them understand what skills and abilities candidates need to succeed in corporate law positions, as well as in a wide range of other roles in various practice areas. This insight is what enables them to quickly identify experienced corporate law experts to meet the specific needs of their clients. (They can also provide useful legal hiring advice and industry research, which can help you confirm that your organization is doing what is necessary to attract and keep in-demand corporate law talent.)
  • Legal project solutions – Because many corporate law projects are not routine, they can be taxing for your in-house legal team and disruptive to the business as a whole. Look for a legal staffing agency that offers integrated solutions for managing major projects, such as commercial litigation or regulatory compliance matters. They can provide your company with dedicated corporate law support, including full-time project consultants, and related services to meet your project timeline and budget.

Demand for corporate law professionals is high, according to research for the Robert Half Legal Salary Guide. But sometimes, this specialized expertise is needed only for a short time, which complicates the hiring process. Building a strong relationship with a proven legal recruiter is a way for your legal organization to feel confident that it can swiftly and securely bridge any gap in corporate law talent whenever a permanent or temporary need arises.