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Top 4 Trends Affecting Legal Research Today


Research capabilities are among the most valuable skills an attorney or legal support specialist can have. So it’s important to know how technology and client demands for cost-effective services continue to reshape the legal research process.

Here are four recent trends affecting how attorneys and support staff conduct their searches for applicable law.


Hot Jobs: What Does It Take to Be a Compliance Manager?


Ethics and compliance continue to top the list of chief legal officers’ concerns. As a result, corporate counsel hiring managers are seeking a range of compliance specialists, from analysts to directors. One of the most sought-after professionals is the compliance manager. Read on to learn whether you have what it takes to land a management career in compliance.


4 Legal Interview Questions to Assess Candidate Fit


Your corporate culture — the day-to-day attitudes, values and decisions that drive your team — is the heart of your organization. If a candidate doesn’t share your overall business philosophy, he or she will probably struggle to thrive in your workplace. These four critical legal interview questions can help you determine whether candidates are the right fit for your work environment.


Looking for Paralegal Jobs? Employers Want These Skills


Law firms and corporate legal departments are actively hiring legal support professionals who can perform more demanding legal and administrative tasks as roles evolve. Read on to learn about the most in-demand skill sets for today's paralegal jobs and legal assistant jobs.




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