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4 Legal Interview Questions to Assess Candidate Fit


Your corporate culture — the day-to-day attitudes, values and decisions that drive your team — is the heart of your organization. If a candidate doesn’t share your overall business philosophy, he or she will probably struggle to thrive in your workplace. These four critical legal interview questions can help you determine whether candidates are the right fit for your work environment.


Looking for Paralegal Jobs? Employers Want These Skills


Law firms and corporate legal departments are actively hiring legal support professionals who can perform more demanding legal and administrative tasks as roles evolve. Read on to learn about the most in-demand skill sets for today's paralegal jobs and legal assistant jobs.


5 Things Not to Do When You’re Starting a Legal Support Job

Starting A Legal Support Job

As you look forward to your first day on the job as a legal support professional, a world of opportunities lies ahead of you. Legal assistant jobs and legal secretary jobs are rarely defined by what’s achieved the first few days you're at work. But mistakes made when you're starting out can have a lasting effect on your reputation. Steer clear of these five pitfalls when you're a newbie.


4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Discovery Vendor

Electronic Discovery Vendors

Electronic discovery (or eDiscovery) continues to spark anxiety at law firms and legal departments. Your firm or legal department may fully outsource your electronic discovery or handle it internally with a purchased solution. Whatever your process, there are four main steps for managing eDiscovery services and solutions.




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