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Keep Your Stress in Check: Work-Life Balance Tips for Legal Pros


Deadline pressures, heavy caseloads and billable hours are just a few of the reasons law professionals — from the fledgling to the seasoned — struggle to balance their jobs with family, friends and other interests. Here are five work-life balance tips that will help you keep the momentum going in your legal career while still taking the time for the other important things in life.


Legal Technology News: The Changing Face of eDiscovery


As the world is increasingly connected by technology, managing electronic discovery (eDiscovery) is becoming more complex. Advances in technology are also improving the way we can conduct eDiscovery. Here’s some of the latest in legal technology news as it relates to eDiscovery.



Mentoring Keeps Legal Professionals Up to Date


Mentoring, in the form of advice, words of encouragement or a test audience for your ideas, can be an invaluable tool in your personal and professional development. Acting as mentor can give your career a boost, too. Here’s a look at just what makes these relationships so fruitful.


Embrace the Revolution: 3 Trends Reshaping the Practice of Law


As part of our Future Law Office research, we asked 350 lawyers with the largest law firms and companies in the U.S. and Canada to name the issues they believed would have the greatest impact on their practice in the next five years. Here is what they believe is in store for the future of the legal profession — and some ideas for how your organization can adapt.


Top 4 Trends Affecting Legal Research Today


Research capabilities are among the most valuable skills an attorney or legal support specialist can have. So it’s important to know how technology and client demands for cost-effective services continue to reshape the legal research process.

Here are four recent trends affecting how attorneys and support staff conduct their searches for applicable law.




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