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You Had Me at “Free CLE”: 4 Top Continuing Legal Education Sources


As a legal professional, it’s part of your job to keep up with changes in everything from laws and regulatory mandates to legal technology and practice management. That’s why many roles in the law field are required to earn a set number of continuing legal education (CLE) credits each year. But CLE doesn't have to be pricey. Take a look at four free, high-quality CLE resources.


Coping with Rising Caseloads


Ever feel a little puny in the face of rising caseloads at your law office? Maybe you could use some help ...


The eDiscovery Solution: Legal Project Management for Paralegals


Law firms are looking for paralegal candidates with backgrounds in hot practice areas, including eDiscovery. Training in legal project management can help you gain the technical skills required to meet the ever challenging objectives in eDiscovery. Take a look at what you can expect from training for a project management certificate. 


Keep Your Stress in Check: Work-Life Balance Tips for Legal Pros


Deadline pressures, heavy caseloads and billable hours are just a few of the reasons law professionals — from the fledgling to the seasoned — struggle to balance their jobs with family, friends and other interests. Here are five work-life balance tips that will help you keep the momentum going in your legal career while still taking the time for the other important things in life.




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