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Now What? 4 Professional Development Resources for Law Grads

Professional development resources for law grads

If you're a recent law grad, congratulations! Though prospects for legal employment have been improving, it's still a tight market. Professional development resources can help you maintain your competitive edge. Here are four resources to help you keep building your legal muscle.


4 Steps to Put Your Paralegal Career Development on the Fast Track

Paralegal career development

If you're gearing your career development path toward becoming a paralegal, you’re positioning yourself for an excellent career move. Demand for paralegals is increasing—and taking these four steps can improve your chances of securing the position you want.


Balancing Work and Family: 3 Tips for Legal Professionals

Balancing work and family

For legal professionals with a significant other, young children or older parents to care for, the pressure of balancing work and family commitments compounds the predicament of “not enough time.” We’re here with three suggestions to relieve some of the stress when balancing work and family:


Read All About It: 3 Key Legal News Trends of 2015

Legal news trends

2015 has been another year of rapid change in the legal profession. Here are three legal news topics you need to be aware of as 2015 comes to a close and legal teams plan for the year ahead.


Watch and Learn: 4 Must-See CLE Webinars for Legal Pros

CLE legal webinars

On-demand webinars can be a great tool for keeping up to date with current legal topics, and many of them come with the added bonus of CLE credit. Here’s our list of four must-see webinars providing insight into today’s most pressing legal matters.




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