Technology Ups the Ante for Legal Research and New Job Opportunities

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There’s no question -- technology is driving considerable change in law practice management and continues to be front and center among key trends impacting the legal profession. In "Turning Challenges into Opportunities: New Directions for Legal Information Professionals," a recent article for the popular LawSites blog, attorney Robert Ambrogi focuses on the field of legal information and the transformation of the law librarian, or legal information professional. He readily acknowledges that the “Internet has changed the formula for innovation,” adding that, “... in this era of Big Data, many are struggling with how to manage and make sense of it.”

While the physical law library may becoming less central to the legal research function, the work and value provided by information professionals is more important than ever and, Ambrogi writes, information itself will continue to be “an essential part of the equation of practicing law.” He discusses how law librarians can turn challenges into opportunities, describing various avenues they can pursue to adapt to the changing law office environment, including more than 10 alternative career opportunities, such as publishers, market analysts, trainers, and knowledge managers.

"Anyone who says the (law) librarian is a dying breed is simply wrong. What is true, however, is that you need to redefine yourselves -- redefine your value proposition -- in terms that others can understand."
-- Excerpt from “Turning Challenges into Opportunities: New Directions for Legal Information Professionals,” Robert Ambrogi's LawSites blog

Ambrogi’s article provides a fresh and interesting perspective on the impact of technology on the legal profession -- and reinforces the importance of adapting to a changing industry. Read the complete article.