Recognize the Value of Legal Support Personnel (and Thank Them for It)

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Research for the Robert Half Legal Future Law Office project shows that legal support staff are continuing to take on a broader array of duties as well as more substantive work assignments. To reduce costs and enhance client service,  legal organizations are increasingly assigning duties  to legal professionals who can most effectively and cost-efficiently perform the work, regardless of title or level. For example, paralegals are taking on work that associates may have handled in the past.  And it’s not uncommon for paralegals, legal secretaries and legal assistants to serve as active participants on client-facing teams.

  In the right setting, where duties are defined and delegated, attorneys and support staff combine to become … a well-oiled machine.

--- Excerpt from Jared Correia’s blog, “Support Staff Makes Your Bacon

Many of the barriers of the traditional, hierarchical law office model are coming down, as Attorney at Work* blogger Jared Correia observes in a recent column. Learn how support staff are playing an increasingly critical and integral role within the legal team environment.

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