Meet business demands with a flexible staffing solution

Today, with advances in technology and communications, law firms and corporate legal departments need to be agile enough to respond to change on a moment's notice, including identifying the right resources for all types of legal projects.

A flexible staffing solution that allows for a combination of your full-time employees as well as highly skilled temporary legal professionals can help you better meet business demand. This also allows you to guard against overstaffing or layoffs by providing a variable cost option.

Legal temporary and project professionals can supplement your core team. Legal staffing services can help you bridge staffing gaps when a team member is on vacation, or provide technical expertise for a missing skill set, such as in e-discovery and managed review projects.

The advantages of making legal temporary and project professionals a permanent part of your legal staffing mix include:

1. You can adjust staffing levels to meet your business cycle and legal caseloads, keeping overhead costs under control.

2. You can ease the work burden on your employees who may already be spread too thin due to rising workloads, client demands or additional duties.

3. You can handle special legal projects that are outside the expertise of current staff.

4. You can engage high level specialists on a short-term basis and still meet your budget demands.

5. You can increase job stability for full-time employees, especially in highly cyclical sectors where layoffs may be more common.

The number of contingent workers in today's workforce is rising. Highly specialized professionals often choose project or consulting assignments due to the flexible nature and diversity of projects. This current environment allows law firms and corporations alike to take advantage of the in-depth knowledge and experience these legal professionals possess.

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