Legal Support Personnel on Vacation? Consider Legal Employment Agencies

Since Memorial Day kicked off the “unofficial” start of summer, the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and you may be looking forward to your upcoming vacation.

Yet, if you’re like the majority of workers who participated in our company’s recent survey, you may not be planning to use all of your vacation time this year. While it’s normal to fear falling behind at work, especially in the fast-paced legal profession, it can actually be more detrimental not to use your paid time off.

Vacations (and even “stay-cations”) can help you relax and take a much needed break from your law practice, allowing you to return refreshed and recharged. Taking time off can also help set a good example for the team and encourage attorneys, paralegals and legal support personnel to do the same. So, how do you manage taking time off without the fear of falling behind on your work (and your legal team’s caseloads)?

Here are five tips for making sure your next vacation is worry-free:

  1. Schedule ahead.
    Give early notice of your intent to take time off so you can assess anticipated workloads and resource requirements and arrange for temporary help, if needed. Practice group leaders should be given as much advance notice as possible in case other managers or key staff members need to plan to be in the office during your absence. Once your vacation dates have been determined, be sure to let all team members know so that they can plan project needs around your absence.
  2. Brief colleagues.
    To alleviate undue stress on those who will be in the office during summer vacations – and smooth the way for your own departure – provide your manager or team members with a detailed record of any active projects and their status.
  3. Identify a point person.
    Determine who will serve as your backup while you’re out, such as a trusted coworker or supervisor who can make decisions on your behalf and keep projects moving while you’re away. Change your voicemail greeting and email settings, and provide the name of your backup so important messages aren’t left unanswered.
  4. Leave things in order.
    Make sure your workspace is orderly before leaving for vacation. Keep in mind that it's not enough for you to think you're organized and prepared; you want others to be able to locate files and other key materials. Be sure to brief your point person on the location of these items before you leave.
  5. Consider using legal employment agencies.
    Firms like Robert Half can help you supplement your vacation gaps by providing experienced legal professionals to assist with temporary legal jobs and project needs. In the case that your team gets a time-sensitive legal project that requires key legal practice area expertise, we can help provide contract attorneys, paralegals and legal project managers to assist.

In the legal field, many administrative and office duties can’t afford to go by the wayside just because of summer vacations. So don’t join the majority of workers who don’t take their hard-earned time off just because they fear falling behind in their work. Plan your vacation and rely on us to help cover the work with legal support personnel, lawyers and paralegals . Contact us to see how we can help support and fill your temporary legal jobs this summer.

Are you planning to take time off? Have you planned for your summer vacation? 

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