Legal Professionals Who Use Twitter: There’s a Guide Book for That

Did you know that 90 percent of the top 50 U.S. law firms have a Twitter profile?

Legal professionals -- and companies -- are increasingly using this social media platform for networking with colleagues, attracting clients, enhancing customer service, and keeping up with breaking news.

In his book, “Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers,” published by the American Bar Association, Attorney at Work* blogger Jared Correia offers legal professionals valuable information regarding ethical, privacy and security concerns inherent in Twitter as well as strategic and practical advice for getting the most from Twitter engagements. In an article excerpt from the book, Correia writes, “In life, the advice is most often ‘Be a leader, not a follower,’ but on Twitter that admonition runs counter, at least at the beginning. You have to start out on Twitter as a follower before you can become a leader.”

Read the full article excerpt, "Engaging on Twitter: Be a Follower," from Correia's book. 

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