For Legal Professionals: Simple Secret to Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance: Do you think about it? Do you have it? Do you focus sufficient time and attention to your personal life and interests while pursuing your professional goals?

For those with law careers, striking a balance between professional and personal priorities can be tricky. Increasingly, work-life balance is a concern that’s top of mind for those in the legal field. In a Robert Half Legal survey, nearly seven in 10 lawyers interviewed cited “flexible work hours or telecommuting” as one of the best incentives for recruiting and retaining legal professionals because of the work options they offer.

Attorney at Work* blogger Jared Correia attributes what he refers to as the “work-life mashup” to a number of factors, such as Internet accessibility, the economy and the “curse” of the high achiever. In his post, “New Balance: Finding the Dividing Line Between Life and Work,” he also offers some sage advice to those who, “. . . tend to burn the candle down at each end, reducing both . . . personal and professional satisfaction."

Of course, it’s almost impossible for most of us to disconnect from the grid entirely. Even so, there’s a basic solution -- one that can go a long, long way toward wringing more meaning from both aspects of your life.

--- Excerpt from Jared Correia’s blog, “New Balance: Finding the Dividing Line Between Life and Work”

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