Employing Temporary Legal Professionals? Plan Ahead With These Tips.

If and when you've decided to employ temporary legal support professionals, such as legal secretaries, law clerks or paralegals, you'll want to ensure you have adequately planned and prepared to ensure success on the part of your company as well as that of the candidate.

Here are five tips for maximizing the results and ensuring a successful engagement for both parties:

1. Involve your staff. Before you bring on a temporary legal support professional, reach out to your full-time staff to address the current workload, list specific tasks that require attention and detail any necessary skills required. Share with your team the full scope of the engagement and length of the legal job assignment, as well as what workload relief they can expect.

2. Set up a plan. Before your interim legal professional arrives, have the scope of the project clearly defined for both your team and for your temporary worker. Be ready to define for the candidate the necessary tasks, deadlines, and expectations.

3. Ready the Workplace. Prepare all of the tools that the temporary worker will need in order to complete his or her list of duties. This includes materials, supplies, software, IDs and passwords, as well as any other necessary details.

4. Create a friendly atmosphere. Making the new person feel at home often results in better productivity. When he or she arrives, arrange for a mini orientation of the work area, introductions to key personnel and overview of the general policies and procedures.

5. Communicate clearly and often. The more complex an assignment, the more explanation required. Touch base regularly with your legal support professional, especially at the start of the engagement, so that you are on point with his or her progress. Encourage questions, and provide a clear reporting structure so that he or she knows where to go when questions arise.

Following these tips can help you create an environment for success for your interim professional, as well as your legal organization. You can read more tips on recruiting and setting employees up for success on our website.

What are some of your tips for bringing on temporary legal support? What steps have you taken to ensure success? We'd like to hear from you. Please add your comments below.

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