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How to Say Thanks to Paralegals — and Why You Should

A cartoon depicting a legal office in a frenzy of paperwork due to an absent paralegal

Where would you be without a paralegal to help you out most days? Whether it's drafting documents, interviewing clients or preparing motions, paralegals are an indispensable part of many law offices, companies and nonprofits. That's why it's so important to let these team members know how much you appreciate all their hard work.


6 Lawyer Salary Negotiation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

lawyer salary negotiation

Discussing your lawyer salary requirements can be uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, many lawyer job candidates fare poorly during salary negotiations. Even lawyers who are experienced at interviewing make mistakes at this phase of their job search.


Hot Jobs: What Does It Take to Be a Compliance Manager?


Ethics and compliance continue to top the list of chief legal officers’ concerns. As a result, corporate counsel hiring managers are seeking a range of compliance specialists, from analysts to directors. One of the most sought-after professionals is the compliance manager. Read on to learn whether you have what it takes to land a management career in compliance.