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How to Say Thanks to Paralegals — and Why You Should

A cartoon depicting a legal office in a frenzy of paperwork due to an absent paralegal

Where would you be without a paralegal to help you out most days? Whether it's drafting documents, interviewing clients or preparing motions, paralegals are an indispensable part of many law offices, companies and nonprofits. That's why it's so important to let these team members know how much you appreciate all their hard work.


Lawyers on TV: Who’s Most Relatable?


Most law firms are nothing like those portrayed on television. Do real-life lawyers actually relate to any of their TV counterparts? Read on to find out the results of our survey.


4 Legal Interview Questions to Assess Candidate Fit


Your corporate culture — the day-to-day attitudes, values and decisions that drive your team — is the heart of your organization. If a candidate doesn’t share your overall business philosophy, he or she will probably struggle to thrive in your workplace. These four critical legal interview questions can help you determine whether candidates are the right fit for your work environment.


Legal Career Tips: 4 Critical Questions to Ask About Office Culture

Legal Career Tips

If the workplace culture at your legal department or law firm doesn’t fit your personality or share your values, you’ll never feel truly passionate about your legal career — and you may even dread going to work every day. This is why it’s crucial to assess the workplace environment of a prospective employer before you accept a legal job offer. Here are four critical questions you should ask during every legal job interview to help you determine whether the employer’s workplace environment is the right fit for you.


Legal Assistant Jobs: 4 Tips for Making a Great First Impression


Starting out at a new legal assistant job can be intimidating — whether it’s a lateral career move from another office or your first position in the legal field. Making a good first impression can help you get over your initial qualms. Here are four tips for making a good impression during your first few days on a new legal assistant job: