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Lawyer salary hikes: Follow these tips to retain your top legal professionals

Recent news about lawyer salary hikes at some of the nation’s leading law firms has the legal field abuzz. With lawyer salary ranges for first-year associates at BigLaw firms reaching $180,000 a year, what can smaller law firms and corporate legal departments do to recruit and retain high performing legal professionals?


Law Firm Management: 3 Tips to Improve Skills

Law firm management

Great leadership is a key to an efficient, highly productive legal team. Inspiration and intuition can be part of effective law firm management. But developing law firm management skills also requires time, commitment and engagement.  Here are three ways you can develop your management prowess.


Client Satisfaction Surveys That Get Actionable Results

Client satisfaction surveys

Satisfied clients are the lifeblood of any thriving legal business. To keep yours happy with the service you’re providing, it’s important to know how clients feel about your organization and the reasons for their feelings. Here are some tips for client satisfaction surveys designed to collect the candid feedback you need from your clients: