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Litigation Fuels Demand as Firms Deal with Hiring Challenges

Image of legal industry job interviewees in a lobby.

With litigation leading job opportunities in the legal field, a majority of lawyers across the United States (84 percent) are optimistic about their firms’ growth and are looking to hire. Read our tips for bringing on legal talent in this competitive hiring era.


4 Legal Interview Questions to Assess Candidate Fit


Your corporate culture — the day-to-day attitudes, values and decisions that drive your team — is the heart of your organization. If a candidate doesn’t share your overall business philosophy, he or she will probably struggle to thrive in your workplace. These four critical legal interview questions can help you determine whether candidates are the right fit for your work environment.


Lawyer Interview Questions: The “Quick 3” Assessment

Lawyer Interview Questions

When interviewing lawyers for a position at your law firm or company, it’s essential to assess such competencies as their legal and interpersonal skills as well as how good they are at thinking on their feet. Here are three lawyer interview questions that offer a different approach to assessing the skills of your legal candidates.