Attorneys Name the Top Legal Recruiting and Retention Incentives

In a still-conservative economy, you might think that compensation as a motivational or recruiting tool would matter most to legal professionals. Well, guess again. In fact, the majority of lawyers Robert Half Legal recently surveyed listed non-financial perks as the top incentives for attracting and retaining legal talent. Lawyers also told us that leadership opportunities would entice them to take a position with another company.

So whether you're looking to recruit new talent or keep existing staff happy, consider offering these employee perks:

Flexible work hours or telecommuting

Close to seven in 10 lawyers we interviewed said flexible work hours/telecommuting is the best incentive for legal recruitment and retention. Increasingly, legal professionals are placing a priority on being able to control and balance their work and personal lives -- and flexible work hours and telecommuting practices are an effective means to that end. 

Free or subsidized training or education

Limited career development and advancement opportunities are key factors that contribute to attrition and poor morale. So it’s not surprising that five in 10 lawyers we surveyed ranked free or subsidized professional training and education high on their list of top legal recruiting and retention incentives.

On-site services

One-third of attorneys we interviewed ranked access to on-site services -- childcare, dry cleaning, fitness center, cafeteria, etc. -- as a priority. Again, illustrates the importance legal professionals place on striking a healthy balance between their work in the legal profession and their personal lives.

Higher compensation

Compensation -- including competitive salary, bonuses, and stock options -- ranked fourth, receiving 14 percent of the survey response.

Beyond the basics, such as medical, retirement, dependent care coverage and tuition reimbursement, which perks are most popular at your law firm or company? Are there any incentives you feel are most effective when it comes to recruiting and retaining the legal profession's best talent?