3 Hot Legal Admin Jobs: Increasing Duties and Higher Pay

Legal Admin Increasing Duties and Higher Pay

Do you ever feel like a shape-shifter in your legal support role? One minute you’re responding to routine emails and the next you’re reviewing documents to help attorneys prepare for upcoming trials. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Today’s legal admin teams increasingly require team members to take on responsibilities that are outside of their traditional roles. Robert Half's Legal Salary Guide  notes that hybrid roles — those that blend legal secretary jobs with paralegal positions — are growing in popularity in many organizations.

What does this mean for you? Well, as your skill set widens and responsibilities grow, salaries tend to follow suit. Let’s take a look at three in-demand legal admin jobs that have seen increased starting salaries as a result of these changes. 

1. Lease administrator

These specialists work in the booming practice areas of commercial and real estate law. They create and track leases and ensure that all agreements meet compliance regulations on local, state and federal levels. If you’re considering this role, you’ll need to have stellar data management skills. Your odds of landing this position will increase if you have experience working as an office manager or administrator in a law firm. Post-secondary education and industry knowledge are also highly valued.
Average starting salary: $55,000 to $77,500
Increase since 2014: 5 percent 

2. Midlevel paralegal

Paralegals offer the ability to perform multiple job functions cost-effectively. Employers are actively seeking paralegals with a four-year degree and a certificate of completion from an American Bar Association–approved paralegal education program, along with specialized knowledge, technical skills and, preferably, prior law firm experience. Experience in compliance, contract and lease administration, and eDiscovery is particularly in demand.
Average starting salary: $54,500 to $68,750 at a midsize firm
Increase since 2014: 4.5 percent 

3. Midlevel legal secretary

There are few duties that aren’t tackled in these legal admin jobs. You use your multitasking abilities to support attorneys and paralegals, take notes, schedule depositions and fill out time sheets on a daily basis. Additionally, you help out with case management. This role requires in-depth knowledge of court forms, filing procedures and at least one practice area. You’ll also need a minimum of seven years’ experience and possibly some post-secondary education.
Average starting salary: $53,250 to $63,750 at a midsize firm
Increase since 2014: 3.1 percent 

Naturally, the rate for these positions will vary depending on your location and the size of the organization you work with. You can use our Salary Calculator to see what the going rates are in your region. For more information on which legal admin jobs are hot where you live, check out our hiring trends graphics at Robert Half Legal’s Salary Center

How have you seen legal admin jobs shift in your firm? Let us know in the comments.