They arrive with the right expertise and they get the job done with minimum fuss, changing the way businesses staff their operations.

They are the super project professionals – highly talented and skilled people who eschew the traditional path of building a career within a company to offer their services as interim staff to the highest bidder. More and more professionals are drawn to project work because of the flexibility and opportunities it provides.

There’s also a change taking place in the way businesses staff their operations. Companies are increasingly attracted to the flexibility they can gain by employing a combination of permanent, interim and project professionals.

A flexible recruiting approach gives companies greater control over their human resources budget and access to skilled talent as and when they need it. As companies continually rebalancing their workforce in good and difficult times, many find that a year-round mix of core permanent employees and interim professionals is the best way to meet business demands and remain competitive.

Here are five advantages you gain by using project and interim professionals as part of your workforce mix. You can:

  • Adjust staffing levels to the peaks and troughs of business demands, helping you keep costs under control
  • Ease the burden on employees who may already be spread too thin, helping them love what they do
  • Handle special projects outside the expertise of current staff
  • Ease the concerns of permanent workers, who may otherwise be subject to nerve-racking cycles of hiring and redundancies
  • Assess prospective permanent employees

The bottom line: flexible staffing gives a company resource and cost-control options it wouldn’t otherwise have.

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