Monthly Jobs Report: Houston Unemployment Rate Declines

The most recent monthly jobs report indicates the non-seasonally adjusted Houston unemployment rate for April was 4.8 percent, down slightly from last month. During the same reporting period, 1,800 Houston jobs were added on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Provide a career path for employees, and theyll know youre invested in their success.

Across the state of Texas, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in April was 4.4 percent, an increase of 0.1 percentage points from the month prior. Statewide, a total of 8,300 seasonally adjusted jobs were added over the month.

How do these figures impact hiring managers trying to staff Houston jobs?

According to Robert Half Senior Regional President Mark Malone, “Houston is seeing growth in many industries, creating competition for top talent. As a result, employers have to work harder to attract the attention of the best candidates.” In addition to competitive salaries, Malone suggests employers offer enticing perks to attract new hires. “Professional development and career advancement opportunities are increasingly popular factors for candidates,” he says. Malone adds that allowing potential employees to see a future at your company before they’re even hired gives you a competitive edge over other businesses. Provide a career path for employees, and they’ll know you’re invested in their success.

Malone also notes that employers struggling to fill Houston jobs can reduce turnover by dedicating additional resources to retention. “Naturally, keeping up with regional salary trends and providing monetary incentives like performance-based bonuses should be included in your retention strategy,” Malone says. “But you could also focus on fostering a fun, collaborative work environment. Company outings and non-monetary employee rewards systems can go a long way in boosting morale.” In addition to these programs, extras such as catered lunches, flexible hours and casual dress codes can keep employees happy at their jobs.

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