How to Find a Job Recruiter Who Can Shorten Your Search for Finance Jobs

A recruiter's hand passing the word "Success" to a candidate's hand

When you're looking for a job in finance, engaging the services of a reputable recruiter can give your search a significant boost. Recruiting firms work directly with employers and often know about jobs that aren't being advertised – including some high-level, high-paying ones.

But when you rely on an online search to find recruiters, it can be hard to know whether they're effective for professionals in your field. That's why working with a firm that specializes in the financial industry can make your job search more effective.

And that's just one tip. By asking the right questions, you can make sure the recruiting firm you choose is the right one for you. Here's our advice on how to find a job recruiter:

Mine your network. There's a good chance that your colleagues, particularly the ones who are senior to you, have used a recruiting firm at some point in their career. Talk to the contacts you admire and trust most and ask for their advice on how to find a job recruiter. Look up the agencies they recommend and determine whether they're a good fit for you, too.

Join an industry group or two. The best recruiting firms often have a strong presence in organizations in their specialty. When you sign up with an industry group, you'll likely have an opportunity to network with people from those firms at group events and meetings. Some recruiting agencies also work with industry organizations to put on symposiums and lectures; when you attend these events, it can give you a good sense of whether the firm is right for your job search.

Keep up with industry news. The business press doesn't often tell you exactly how to find a job recruiter, but it can lead you to one. For example, when companies are looking to replace a high-level executive, the announcement in the business briefs sometimes includes the name of the search firm the company has hired to find that replacement. Also, recruiters are occasionally quoted in business articles; if you read enough stories about what's new in your industry, you'll probably come across a name of a firm or two that you can research.

Assess a few different recruiters. Once you've gotten the names of a few good finance job recruiting firms, schedule a meeting with each one to learn more about their services. Consider it an interview of sorts; ask about their processes and procedures and try to get a sense of what it would be like to work with them. You want to ensure that your work style and values mesh well with those of the recruiting agency. Make sure you're also sharing the appropriate information with them: your background, skills and experience; where you stand in your job search; and what kind of position you're looking for.

When you do settle on one recruiting firm, ask your contact there for references, and check them. Ask each reference what made them choose this agency when they were in your shoes and wondering how to find a job recruiter. Also ask whether they'd engage the recruiter again – often the best way to find out whether the firm is professional, effective and worth working with.