How to Find a Job in Just 30 Minutes a Day

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You're ready to make the next move in your career. But you have a full-time job, a commute and personal obligations that fill up most of your day. How can you figure out how to find a new job when you barely have time to finish everything on your current to-do list?

It may not be easy to conduct a job search when your calendar is full, but it can be done. Investing even 30 minutes every day into the process can bring you closer to that new position you've been hoping for. Here's how to find a job – or get well on your way there – when you're on a tight schedule:

Get ready
Before you even start looking for job openings, get your resume in line. Update the job titles and responsibilities, and proofread it for errors. Save two versions in a dedicated folder on your desktop – a text document and a PDF – and check to make sure both documents are clear and legible. (Different companies require different formats, and it's good to be prepared with both.)

While you're at it, spruce up your LinkedIn profile. Many employers will look at it before they decide whether to interview you so make sure it highlights the work history, skills and experience that make you stand out as a candidate.

Automate it
If you're wondering how to find a job with limited time, remember that technology is your friend. Certain job boards will send you a message alerting you to specific job openings if you provide your email address and the type of position you're looking for. Sign up for this feature where it's available; it saves you from having to check each job board every day. Then, take a minute to bookmark all of the best job search websites for your industry or location so you can easily access each one with just one click. Also, go to the websites for the companies you're targeting and search for a job openings page. Bookmark those, too.

Consider signing up with a recruiter
The best financial recruiters can give your job search a big boost. They know about some of the best job openings in your field, even the ones that aren't being publicly advertised, and they can connect you to the opportunities that make sense for you. What's more, they can provide you with advice about how to find a job; years of working with hiring managers and job seekers have made them experts on the topic. And, of course, they save you time, a precious commodity when you're trying to balance a job search and a full-time job.

Pledge to do one thing every day
Maybe you don't have time to thoroughly search job boards and follow up on leads and apply for a new job every day. That's OK. Just promise yourself that you'll do one thing to advance your job search each day, whether it's networking with one of your best-connected colleagues, checking a couple of job boards, applying for a job or following up on a lead.

If you don't have the time before you head out for work in the morning or when you get home at night, take your phone with you during a break and take 15 minutes to do some networking. Better yet, schedule lunch dates with your contacts to discuss possible job leads.

Trying to find time in a busy schedule to figure out how to find a job can be frustrating. But don't give up. With enough time and persistence, you'll find the right position for you.