Ease Hiring Challenges With a Mix of Staffing Solutions

A group of professionals stands in front of a "Now Hiring" placard

Anyone who has tried to hire lately knows it isn't easy to recruit highly skilled finance and accounting professionals. Although it's a challenging environment for recruiting, problems sometimes stem from a lack of staffing creativity.

Companies can become so locked into one hiring strategy that they fail to see it's not particularly effective. A better approach is to keep your options open and try various staffing solutions. Revisit what you're doing and consider mixing things up. Here are some suggestions:

Try channel surfing
Maybe you're not using the best channels to reach the desired candidates. For instance, if you've been using one of the big traditional job boards, you may be casting too wide a net. Try complementing your efforts with a more niche job board, such as one that's geared to financial services professionals.

You might also improve the quality of your applicants by advertising your openings with various professional associations. In addition, take advantage of online networks such as LinkedIn to target candidates with in-demand skills, including passive job seekers.

Look within
One of the often-overlooked staffing solutions is to fill positions internally, an option that takes less time and is generally less costly. And because existing employees are a known quantity, they're more likely to succeed in a new role and have a shorter learning curve. Moreover, internal recruitment can boost morale and improve retention as other employees see that there are opportunities with the firm to advance their career. Even if you have to hire to replace the promoted employee, the vacated position may be easier to fill.

Use a specialized recruiter
Using numerous recruiting channels can make for a long and labor-intensive hiring process. Working with an accounting recruitment firm often leads to better and faster staffing solutions. These firms have deep networks, including relationships with highly skilled financial professionals who aren't actively seeking a new job but who might make a move for a good opportunity.

Enlist current employees
Don't discount the strength of your employees' networks or their willingness to act as recruiters. They know what it takes to succeed in your organization. Offering financial incentives for employee referrals of highly skilled candidates provides motivation for employees to go the extra mile to find new hires.

Consider 'boomerang' employees
Add rehiring former staff members who left on good terms to your list of staffing solutions. Many would return to your firm for a better position or salary. And because you already know the person, recruiting and hiring expenses are minimal. Furthermore, you already have a pretty good sense of what you're getting, and former employees can quickly add value because they understand your business, corporate culture and work practices.

Be as selective with former employees as you would with any other hire, however. Focus on those with outstanding performance records, both with your company and in their more recent endeavors. Be sure to also consider past employees who have stepped out of the workforce for family or retirement reasons. They may be ready to resume their career on a full- or part-time basis.

Maximize your website
Don't squander the marketing potential of your website. Make sure it's designed to showcase your firm's most appealing qualities and capabilities. Not only do you want to draw promising candidates to your website, you want them to linger awhile and, ideally, submit a resume.

Recruiting the best candidates is never easy, and no single strategy is consistently effective. If you stay open to using a broad mix of staffing solutions, you'll be in a much stronger position to land top talent again and again.