Working Remote: Commuting Down the Hallway

Working Remote

There’s a new joint study from Stanford University and Bejing University that suggests companies can see a significant jump in productivity from employees who have the option of working from home. summarized a few lessons these researchers learned about staff behavior and performance expectations.

But cartoonist Randy Glasbergen took it one step further with his take on working from home -- on the weekends. 

Putting office humor aside, telecommuting offers benefits like flexible hours, less time sitting in traffic, and a healthy work-life balance. It's important for managers and workers to make sure working arrangements, whether in the office or remote, are aimed at optimal performance.

So, whether you do your best analyzing and strategizing in a suit and tie at the office, or in your most comfortable sweats on the living room sofa, be sure to allow adequate time for your health and family, too.

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